MakeFactory Manrique, Medellin

We did a very special MakeFactory workshop at “Espacio Especial” in the Gaitán neighborhood in Manrique, Medellin. A family that lives here provides an open house for the local children of the less privileged families and organizes all kinds of activities for them. Through Casa Teatro El Poblado we were asked to do a workshop here. How great it was, and what a special family!  We started around 18:00, so it turned out to be the first MakeFactory in the dark. Since the neighborhood is built on the slopes of the mountains, the houses are connected to the main streets by stairs. Because of the limited space, the children also worked on the stairs. Below some pictures (big thanks to Juan Pablo!), and of course the final result!

IMG_8670 IMG_8674IMG_7390IMG_8663 IMG_8687 IMG_7396 IMG_7401 IMG_8712IMG_7329 IMG_7330IMG_7407

And the final result:

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