MakeFactory Casa de la Cultura, Poblado

Our last MakeFactory workshop in Medellin was in the Casa de la Cultura in Poblado. But it will not be the last workshop in Medellin: our friends from Casa Teatro El Poblado will continue to share our concept in the other Casas de la Cultura!
This time the children created a story with Mine-crafters, a live television and some beautiful figures! Due to the enthusiasm of the kids in creating their cardboard pieces we couldn’t make it to record sound as well, so this time it’s a silent movie.

IMG_7440 IMG_7448 IMG_7449 IMG_7456 IMG_7461

And below the final result!
The story line: Tiger watches too much television, so he gets square eyes and magically enters into the TV. There he is haunted and attacked by Mine-crafters. But fortunately the butterflies are able to scare the Mine-crafters away. But they keep returning. Then Girl appears by car to help Tiger. But the car runs out of fuel and they are both captured by the Mine-crafters. A magic astronaut brings fuel for the car so the car can drive again. He goes to the place where the Mine-crafters keep Tiger and Girl, rescues them, and fights off the kidnappers. Girl also escapes from the TV world and she and Tiger become friends. Now they can watch TV together, but they learned they shouldn’t watch too long!

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