MakeFactory no. 2 at Nam Thành Công school, Ha Noi

Series 2 at Nam Thành Công elementary school.


This time we chose the story of Thach Sanh. A poor but good boy was an orphan but got taken in by a rich lady with a son, Ly Thong. The family took care of Thach Sanh for years and the two boys became good friends. In the village lived a giant snake who demanded a sacrifice every year in the form of a young person. One day it was Ly Thongs turn to be sacrificed, but he demanded Thach Sanh to go in his place. Thach Sanh did this but he killed the snake and returned to his friend with the snake’s head. Ly was scared that Thach Sanh would tell about his cowerdness and locked him in a cave. Ly took the snake head and brought it to the king as if he had killed it himself. The king rewarded him richly. In the meantime Thach Sahn found a princess that was also locked in the same cave after being kidnapped by an eagle. They both escaped from the cave and Thach Sanh was rewarded with a musical instrument by the princesses father who was a god of the sea. Ly fed the princess something to bewitch her voice so she couldn’t speak and tell about his lies. And locked up Thach Sanh again! Now Thach Sanh played music on his instrument to not feel lonely. The melody reached the princess and it broke the spell of her dumbness. She told everything to the king. Tach Sahn was released and the King wanted to punnish Ly but Thach Sahn told the King to let him go.

IMG_5446 IMG_5448 IMG_5457

And the result:

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