MakeFactory Olango Island 2

Next workshop was the stop motion. We had only black and white paint. First we tried to come up with a story. Well, it wasn’t quite finished when we started painting but the outline was there. We were living next to the grave yard and the island people believe in all sorts of spirits, so clearly the story had to be a ghost story!

To work! Youngest participant: 3 years old! Oh, and by the way we never got to see any parents, it was always the same gang of kids showing up, anxious to see what kind of fun things we would do next. And they all took care of each other.

MFOlango IMG_6959 IMG_2861 IMG_2859

The set. Assistant director: Ivan Zaldarriaga, a Filipino filmmaker.IMG_2883

Our narrators: Dylan, Robert (assistent director 2) and James-Earl with his beautiful smile from a toothpaste commercial.geluidopnameThe result!
Story: Two men are riding in the bush on their motorcycle. They stumble upon a giant egg and because they are hungry they carry the egg home. Once in the house the start to eat the egg, but suddenly it cracks open and a small boy crawls out. The boy is a child of two evil spirits who come to haunt the egg thieves and take their baby away. To punish the two men the spirits curse them by growing them horns.



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