MakeFactory at Nam Thành Công high school in Ha Noi

MakeFactory at elementary school Hanoi. For this workshop we had only 2 1/2 hours. So we decided to work with a given story. It is an old Vietnamese tale about Gióng (say: zong). The story: one day a sad but good woman that can’t have babies, steps into a giant footprint and magically becomes pregnant. She gives birth to her son Gióng. But when Gióng turns three he is still not able to talk, walk or smile. In the mean time the King is recruiting soldiers from the villages to fight for the country. When a messenger arrives at Gióngs village, he magically starts to speak and asks to be armed. The messenger reports the miracle to the king and the villagers all start to feed Gióng. In just a few days he grows into a giant! The king has an armor and horse specially made for him and Gióng rides of and defeats the enemy.

Explaining how we will work:IMG_5351

Kids at work under Uncle Ho’s supervision:


Checking the first results:IMG_5402

Putting down the story line for the voice-over recording:IMG_5436

And the result! Yippee! :

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