MakeFactory at Field of Dreams boys orphanage

Transporting the materials to the Field of Dreams by tricycle, the national transport.


Around 25 boys live in the boys orphanage between the age of 7 and 20. Why until so old…? asked Ate. The group parent explained they will not let the boys go until they are financially independent. At the orphanage they had a giant vegetable garden growing all sorts of fruits and vegetables to be self supporting and also to sell at the market and make money. They keep chicken and had many funny dogs.IMG_3261.JPG

The start-up was a bit slowly, but during the sound recording they were all laughing and having so much fun! The boys who were not in the sound recording played card games with Julus.IMG_3265.JPGIMG_3269-0.JPGIMG_3286.JPG

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