MakeFactory at Field of Dreams – Philippines

And finally here is the result of MakeFactory at Field of Dreams boys orphanage. We concluded later that the story, entirely made up by the boys, is a kind of an orphanage story. Also interesting is that it started of as a heroic ninja story but resulted in a complicated family situation and an old lady turns out to be the main character! The ninja’s eventually play no significant role at all. The story: A dragon enters a village and seems to plan the kidnapping of a young woman. Ninja’s attack the dragon in an attempt to save the girl. Then an old lady appears and demands them to stop attacking. We see in a flashback her story: when the old lady was young and pregnant with twins, she accidentally stepped on a dragon egg. The dragon cursed her by turning one of the baby’s into a dragon. The only way to break the curse is for the twin brother and sister to reunite.


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