MakeFactory at Field of Dreams boys orphanage

Transporting the materials to the Field of Dreams by tricycle, the national transport.


Around 25 boys live in the boys orphanage between the age of 7 and 20. Why until so old…? asked Ate. The group parent explained they will not let the boys go until they are financially independent. At the orphanage they had a giant vegetable garden growing all sorts of fruits and vegetables to be self supporting and also to sell at the market and make money. They keep chicken and had many funny dogs.IMG_3261.JPG

The start-up was a bit slowly, but during the sound recording they were all laughing and having so much fun! The boys who were not in the sound recording played card games with Julus.IMG_3265.JPGIMG_3269-0.JPGIMG_3286.JPG

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MakeFactory Olango Island 2

Next workshop was the stop motion. We had only black and white paint. First we tried to come up with a story. Well, it wasn’t quite finished when we started painting but the outline was there. We were living next to the grave yard and the island people believe in all sorts of spirits, so clearly the story had to be a ghost story!

To work! Youngest participant: 3 years old! Oh, and by the way we never got to see any parents, it was always the same gang of kids showing up, anxious to see what kind of fun things we would do next. And they all took care of each other.

MFOlango IMG_6959 IMG_2861 IMG_2859

The set. Assistant director: Ivan Zaldarriaga, a Filipino filmmaker.IMG_2883

Our narrators: Dylan, Robert (assistent director 2) and James-Earl with his beautiful smile from a toothpaste commercial.geluidopnameThe result!
Story: Two men are riding in the bush on their motorcycle. They stumble upon a giant egg and because they are hungry they carry the egg home. Once in the house the start to eat the egg, but suddenly it cracks open and a small boy crawls out. The boy is a child of two evil spirits who come to haunt the egg thieves and take their baby away. To punish the two men the spirits curse them by growing them horns.



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MakeFactory Olango Island

The initial plan was to stay for 3 weeks in Olango. But we changed our plan and stayed for only two. Instead, we stayed an extra week in Davao. The circumstances were hard on Olango island. There is hardly any work, the waste system is rudimentary and the schools seem to be a way of keeping the children somewhere inside instead of actually learning them something.  Many nights we had no electricity, and some people lived in a mere shag.  But it wasn’t hard to make friends. Everyday the same gang of kids would show up and come to play. The first weekend we made this little fun film and the kids were laughing so much!


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MakeFactory at Matsue school

We stayed at Matsue for almost two months, teaching : class 1 (in NL group 3) en class 2 (in NL group 4). Staying that long really gave us time to get to know the children very well and to recognize every ones personal talent. In the first week the children made their character for the story and pieces for the background. In the second series of workshops we made our story lines and the stop motion. In the third week we recorded our voice-overs and made music effects. Now we are waiting for the subtitles!

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Third MakeFactory Lesson at Matsue Unesco school

Last lesson of MakeFactory at Matsue school: the sound recording. This time it is Oscar sensei showing his best side! His former carrier as a sound engineer sure comes in handy.

IMG_4954 IMG_4957

Be ready! Here comes your cue!IMG_4963

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Second series of lessons at Matsue

This week we did lesson two of the MakeFactory workshop series; recording the stop motion. Tuesday class 1 and Wednesday class 2. First we recapitulated all the ingredients for our story and we made a storyline. That went well! Despite the language barrier. Thanx to Tomohiko Murakami and Minoru Sensei who were perfect assistant directors. Next week the sound recording. IMG_0172.JPG IMG_0171.JPG IMG_0176.JPG IMG_0205.JPG IMG_0197.JPG IMG_0212-0.JPG IMG_0216.JPG IMG_0206-0.JPG

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MakeFactory in Japanese newspaper!

Thanks to four visiting journalists we have articles in two different newspapers! Yes!



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First two lessons of MakeFactory in Japan!

On Tuesday 26th en Wednesday 27th of August we gave our first MakeFactory lessons at Matsue Unesco school in Eniwa. Theme: What can we produce with cardboard?
The music room is our ‘factory’.


First the examples of what contemporary artists make with cardboard. Much cheering and laughing at seeing the interesting works of cardboard art!


Studying the MakeFactory picto’s



Second day: The quiet before the storm: and explosive it was !


We got a lot of attention from newspapers and radio reporters. The school director cheerfully tinkered with us!










And cleaning up after the work is done with Minoru sensei!


On the second day we had a report in the school paper already about day one!
Mister Dienke!
De title “San” in Japanese knows no gender and is being used for women and men. Google translate considers everyone to be a man though…sigh


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First visit to our new ‘factory floor’

We just had a guided tour at Kei’s elementary school. There we will give our MakeFactory workshops, although we still have to plan when and where and how.
What a cool school it is! Music classes, science, cooking, a big vegetable garden. Wow!
And here are the teachers!



And the school ghost.IMG_0596.JPG





This is a ‘chalk board eraser vacuum cleaner’ in case you wondered…IMG_0600.JPG

Utensils for the cooking classes.IMG_0603.JPG
Extra support in case of earthquakes.IMG_0778.JPG

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1e Maakfabriek moet nog komen

We hebben nog geen Maakfabriek gedaan.
De eerste Maakfabriek die we gaan geven is in Hokkaido!

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