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Slapen op school

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MakeFactory at Sol Art, Ha Noi

At Sol Art cultural center we did two MakeFactory workshops. The first was with children between 10 and 15 years old.

IMG_5765 IMG_5783 IMG_5795 IMG_5805 IMG_5810

The result from the first group at Sol Art (and scroll down for the second group’s result):

Oh, it was so much fun watching the outcome at the end of the day!IMG_5824

Two days later we did another MakeFactory, at a different location from Sol Art, with younger kids. This time, they were from 5 till 10 years old.

IMG_5870 IMG_5881 IMG_5895 IMG_5905

And the result from the second group at Sol Art, with children from 5-10 years old:

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MakeFactory no. 2 at Nam Thành Công school, Ha Noi

Series 2 at Nam Thành Công elementary school.


This time we chose the story of Thach Sanh. A poor but good boy was an orphan but got taken in by a rich lady with a son, Ly Thong. The family took care of Thach Sanh for years and the two boys became good friends. In the village lived a giant snake who demanded a sacrifice every year in the form of a young person. One day it was Ly Thongs turn to be sacrificed, but he demanded Thach Sanh to go in his place. Thach Sanh did this but he killed the snake and returned to his friend with the snake’s head. Ly was scared that Thach Sanh would tell about his cowerdness and locked him in a cave. Ly took the snake head and brought it to the king as if he had killed it himself. The king rewarded him richly. In the meantime Thach Sahn found a princess that was also locked in the same cave after being kidnapped by an eagle. They both escaped from the cave and Thach Sanh was rewarded with a musical instrument by the princesses father who was a god of the sea. Ly fed the princess something to bewitch her voice so she couldn’t speak and tell about his lies. And locked up Thach Sanh again! Now Thach Sanh played music on his instrument to not feel lonely. The melody reached the princess and it broke the spell of her dumbness. She told everything to the king. Tach Sahn was released and the King wanted to punnish Ly but Thach Sahn told the King to let him go.

IMG_5446 IMG_5448 IMG_5457

And the result:

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MakeFactory portraits

De second workshop in the serie at the High school in Ha Noi was about portrets. First we showed examples of how attributes or clothing can express an imago or a profession. Then the kids made a portret from head to feet of themselves, showing what they would want to be. After the creating everyone explained about their work which was a very interesting group talk! IMG_4942 IMG_5035 IMG_5039 IMG_5050 IMG_5056IMG_5071Any idea what this kid would like to be????

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Schoenen uit!

Schoenen uittrekken is heel gewoon in Azië als je ergens naar binnen gaat. Op school in Japan hebben ze speciale schoenenkasten waar de buitenschoenen verwisseld worden voor binnenschoenen.IMG_0801

Voor bezoekers zijn er dan slofjesIMG_0380

En Ate, Julus, Mees en Sake hebben ook eigen binnenschoentjes, met hun naam in alfabet en katakanaIMG_1072

Ook in bijvoorbeeld pashokjes trek je je schoenen uit.

In Vietnam gaan ze nog wat verder, en moet je soms ook je schoenen uittrekken als je een winkel binnengaat. Dat maakt ’t winkelen met vier kindjes soms wel wat lastig…

Maar het meest verbaasd tot nu toe waren we toen we in een park in Ha Noi (buiten!) onze schoenen uit moesten trekken voordat we op het kunstgras mochten gaan spelen!IMG_5748IMG_5729


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MakeFactory at Nam Thành Công high school in Ha Noi

MakeFactory at elementary school Hanoi. For this workshop we had only 2 1/2 hours. So we decided to work with a given story. It is an old Vietnamese tale about Gióng (say: zong). The story: one day a sad but good woman that can’t have babies, steps into a giant footprint and magically becomes pregnant. She gives birth to her son Gióng. But when Gióng turns three he is still not able to talk, walk or smile. In the mean time the King is recruiting soldiers from the villages to fight for the country. When a messenger arrives at Gióngs village, he magically starts to speak and asks to be armed. The messenger reports the miracle to the king and the villagers all start to feed Gióng. In just a few days he grows into a giant! The king has an armor and horse specially made for him and Gióng rides of and defeats the enemy.

Explaining how we will work:IMG_5351

Kids at work under Uncle Ho’s supervision:


Checking the first results:IMG_5402

Putting down the story line for the voice-over recording:IMG_5436

And the result! Yippee! :

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